Here’s just a little fun, revamped and “restored” from my old writing blog that has been painfully neglected in recent years.

You know you’re a writer when…

…every other email in your inbox has the subject heading, “idea for book.”  And nothing is capitalized or punctuated because you didn’t have time for such frivolities before the traffic light turned green again.

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…it suddenly occurs to you that nobody has actually ever heard of the greatest band on the planet, because your book hasn’t hit the presses yet.

…You dream in blue ink, but your nightmares are full of red.

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…the idea of seeing your book in print is more exciting to you than the idea of marrying the perfect man. (Of course, I’m lucky. I got both!)

…your best friend dreads Facebook conversations with you because she’s certain you’re going to ask her for more commentary on “the book.”

…you have conversations with imaginary people to work on your dialogue writing skills, since your husband is passed out at four in the morning and can’t help you.

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…and then you discover that those same imaginary people talk back.  And they’re way more intelligent than you are.