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I have a big story in my life that deserves far more than a single article for a single outlet. This story has international significance, historical prowess, and huge equality importance.

This is a story I have lived and studied all my life.

But it’s still hard to find different angles on it.

I thought I had it down last year. I pitched the story to four different outlets. One snatched it up, then a second. The third asked me to pitch it to them. Same with the fourth. The third never responded. The fourth said my angle was too similar to the two that had been published.

I was flabbergasted. Yes, they were inspirational in nature, but their focus was narrative. The pitch I sent to the fourth outlet was strictly inspirational.
It was a dream publication, so I was kind of crushed.

How I Found New Angles This Year

I have been wrestling with this idea of new angles for a year now. The anniversary is in a couple of days, so I started wondering how I could celebrate again this year with more pieces at more outlets.

I clearly couldn’t use the same pitches as last year – I’d already sold them. 
So, I read through what I had written. I jotted down notes on things left out of these articles. I noted the emotions that I experienced while reading the stories again.

These simple notes opened up the new angles. And now I have two more pieces on this story coming out within the week (including one for a different dream publication). And about a dozen other angles on my Trello board, waiting for the right call for pitches.

It’s simple, but it works.