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In my writing group lately, we’ve been using prompts and games to work on our craft each meeting. I thought I would create a few prompts in multiple genres this summer for fellow writers looking for a boost in creativity.

These are all completely just from my brain – there’s no backstory to discover. Just use the imagery the words elicit and write away.

  1. Who is the Righteous Ryder and what is her/his mission?
  2. There’s a magical plant in the woods, which a young girl discovers one day while collecting herbs for her father’s cookery. What does the plant do? What happens after the discovery?
  3. What would happen if three owls, two unicorns, and a dragon were all best friends?
  4. A talking medieval cat discovers something sinister in the castle dungeon while hunting mice one morning.
  5. A duck and her ducklings hold the secret to the universe.

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