Like most folks, I have a lot of acquaintances and friends that I interact with on a semi-regular basis via Facebook. And lately, a number of them have mentioned being bored, needing friends, needing social interactions, and similar issues.

During social isolation times, it makes sense that more and more folks are having issues in this realm – at least if they’re still respecting social distancing guidelines and realize that the virus has not gone away and the numbers are still climbing around the world.

I’ve been passing along tips and trying to engage myself, so I thought I’d pass those ideas along to my readers.

Join Meetup

Seriously, there are so many virtual groups on Meetup anymore that you’re just about guaranteed to find something you want to connect with folks on. Ideally, join some in your area, though, so that when in-person gatherings are safe again, you’ve got some friends waiting to greet you!

It may take a little while to find the right group – but stick with it, and they will show up in your feed.

Check Your Local Library Calendar

Libraries have had events going on for years and now they’re starting to really spread the love via virtual events. In the past month, I’ve joined two different library groups to gather with fellow writers and book lovers via virtual events. Can’t wait to join some more!

Check Facebook Groups

You’ve already joined a million different groups. Check to see which ones are hosting live virtual events. You’ll make some friends from around the world and enjoy the pleasures of planning to someday visit in person!

EventBrite, Groupon, and Goldstar Are a Thing

These ticket-selling platforms are another great place to find some amazing virtual events. Granted, they’re more performances, shows, talks, and what not than interactive events, but they’re still a great way to fill your evenings and weekends with some meaningful events that don’t require you to expose yourself to a deadly virus. So, definitely a winner!

And, yes, many of the events are FREE.

Look Into Your Favorite Fandoms And Theatre Companies

Podcasts that tour, theater companies that tour, television shows that are on hold, and other fandoms are still creating events and options for viewing and participating in things during these times.

My husband and I have recently attended some of these virtual performances and we have LOVED them. He was highly skeptical at first, but once we watched both a Welcome to Night Vale virtual event and a Max McLean & FPA recorded virtual event, he’s been hooked. We’re eagerly looking for more great date night options that we can discuss afterward for a few hours.