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Since COVID-19 outbreaks became known around here, we haven’t gone to the gym. We’re still trying to squeeze in those workouts and get fitter and healthier, but with my husband being immune-compromised, there’s no way we’re going someplace like a gym.

Currently, our membership is on hold as we weigh and balance the benefits of a gym membership. I thought I’d share those thoughts with you, in case you’re in a similar position.

Pros of a Gym Membership

“Gym” by Casa Velas Hotel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Special Perks & Equipment

For us, the massage chairs, hydro-massage, and infrared light treatments are kind of a big thing. We both feel healthier and happier when we use these perks of our upgraded membership at Planet Fitness

Standard Gym Equipment

We have dumbbells, exercise balls in two different sizes, resistance bands, an exercise bike, and a few other things, but we don’t have barbells, weight machines, and a treadmill. These extras would be beneficial for sure!


We can use Youtube, but that doesn’t keep us accountable like signing up for a class at the gym would.

Cons of a Gym Membership

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Monthly Expense

If we pocketed that $45 a month instead of spending it on our two BLACK CARD memberships at Planet Fitness, it wouldn’t take us that many months to save up for the equipment we’re missing (save those massage chairs!)

Time & Additional Expense

When we first signed up for our memberships, we were 5 minutes away from the gym. We’ve moved since and now the closest Planet Fitness would be 16 minutes, without traffic, one way. Having to drive more than 1/2 hour round-trip isn’t terribly conducive to working out.

We’re already busy – losing the equivalent time OF a workout isn’t terribly enticing when I could simply stay at home and workout with Youtube or on my own. Plus, extra gas money & wear and tear on my car come into play. Especially with winter rolling in…

Home Gym Instead

Building my own home gym would be pretty easy, and save me money in the long run. I could invest that $45 a month we spend on our two memberships to get pretty much all the equipment I need, save for that massage chair from Japan. But that’s a different post.

Control of What You Watch and Hear

I don’t know how many times I climbed aboard a treadmill to realize I got stuck in front of a political TV show playing…And it was the only treadmill available, so I couldn’t just change to another one. At home, I can watch a movie, catch-up on TV shows I don’t normally make time for, or just listen to whatever really good music I want instead.

Germs Abound

The biggest con of all (certainly during COVID-19 and flu season) – the gym is FULL of germs. No matter how often the folks there clean, it’s still loaded with germs of other people. Sweat sprays, spittle flies, and skin cells are all over everything.