Behind the Broken Gate

Curiosity has always been a trait attributed to my ridiculous soul. I love the romance of a good mystery, but I also love the investigation part of finding answers to things I probably shouldn’t know about. I considered becoming an investigative journalist for that reason, but then realized I’d be turning my favorite hobby into a living wage and that made it markedly less intriguing.

This particular night, some four years after I’d moved away from the region but was home visiting Mom for the week, I noticed something else had changed. One of the barriers was broken. The electric fence was knocked down in one section.

Familiar Spaces

I looked at her, shook my head, and picked up my own cup. The steam rising from the cup of Rooibos evoked memories from the day Susannah and I met. Well, the first time we’d talked, anyway.

The Jerrie Mock Podcast Season 2 – It’s Here!

For those of you who have an interest in history, aviation, strong women, or pioneering, you may want to check out the Jerrie Mock podcast. The first season of the podcast gave a day-by-day picture of Jerrie Mock (my grandmother) as she flew around the world in 1964, becoming the first woman to pilot an aircraft around the world!

The Bicycle Not Taken

Collin headed out on the highway. He made it about a mile before the traffic became too overwhelming. He’d picked the wrong time of day to explore the new neighborhood he’d just moved into. The speed demons during rush hour here held no regard for the safety of a lone cyclist…

Of Angels and Earth

Erika stood at the edge of the tallest peak of the heavenly plane. Jets of celestial effluvium swirled around the angel as they breathed in the magnificent view, caught between their current home and the planet they awaited entry to. The beautiful being wore the finest garments of shimmering silver, red, green, yellow, blue, and a pearlescent white in honor of the many holidays being celebrated around the globe beneath their vision. Above, Mercury burned in distant quietude, though Erika could sense the silent thunder echoing throughout eternity and smell the sulphuric pops and rumbles of lava from the ever-raging volcanoes.

A Thousand Words a Day

Someone dropped several coins into her cup. She glanced up to nod her thanks, but the person had already passed. That suited Sam fine. She hated it when people wanted to talk. Thankfully, they rarely did…

Summer Recipe: Berry Bread

The other week, I made banana bread. My husband and I gobbled it down and kind of wanted more. So, I went to the freezer but discovered all the bananas were gone. I did have some frozen strawberries though, so I thought, why not?

Here’s the result of my little experiment – and it is absolutely delicious (and incredibly easy).