Jerrie Mock in Saudi Arabia with officers of the military and her airplane in background
Jerrie Mock in Saudi Arabia, 1964, on her record taking flight

Who is Jerrie Mock?

Jerrie Mock, a small-town girl from Ohio had three dreams in life.

1. To fly around the world.
2. To ride an elephant.
3. To ride a camel in the desert.

She accomplished 2 of the 3, which she once told me she felt was pretty good for being “just” a woman. (Note the sarcasm.) Jerrie, my grandmother, was a feisty, determined woman with big dreams and the moxie to accomplish them, despite sexism, financial limitations, and other challenges.

In 1964, despite being a pilot for only 7 years with less than a thousand flight hours and having never flown over an ocean before, Jerrie took off for Bermuda and the world. 29 and a 1/2 days later, she landed back at the airport in Columbus, Ohio, becoming the first woman to fly around the world.

Jerrie Mock Projects

I, Jerrie’s granddaughter, Rita Mock-Pike, am in the process of producing a range of storytelling platforms on Jerrie Mock’s stories from her various world travels, adventures, world records, air races, and more. From personal appearances to a one-woman show, from a podcast – featuring some sound bytes from Jerrie herself – to a cookbook and children’s book for early readers, there’s lots to come. As dates, events, and information are available, they’ll be posted here.

Jerrie & Rita at the Tallahassee Airport when Jerrie was inducted into their Aviation Wall of Fame, 2006

Jerrie Mock Podcast

Jerrie Mock Cookbook

Children’s Book on Jerrie Mock – coming soon

Jerrie Mock One-Woman Show – coming soon

Performances, Appearances, and Lectures

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