Rita Mock-Pike has been performing since she was 3-years-old and continues that love of all things theatre and performance. In most recent years, Rita’s appearances have included lectures and speeches regarding her grandmother, Jerrie Mock, aviatrix, as well as local concerts, dramatic podcasts, and audio performances.

Suzy Brack (R) as Jerrie Mock, Rita (L) as herself in “The Flying Housewife, A True Story”

Past Performances and Appearances

The MockingOwl Roost recently produced and released a monologue by Rita: My Magic. You may listen on the MockingOwl Roost website.

In October 2019, Rita had the privilege and great honor of receiving recognition for her grandmother: Her induction into the Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame. The beautiful ceremony can be watched on their website.

After receiving the Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame induction award for her grandmother, Rita made her way out to Washington D.C. to visit her plane at the Smithsonian. She then returned to Ohio for one day to give an interview about Jerrie Mock for Ohio’s Spectrum News 1. The video is available online.

Recently, Erica Ho of Map Happy interviewed Rita for the website. You can learn a little more about Jerrie through the interview and research compiled into this fantastic article.

In 2016, Rita directed, produced, and played herself in The Flying Housewife, A True Story, as it premiered in Chicago in one of the many storefront-style venues of the city.